High Performance Voice Training for Singers

You can become a better singer.


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You may be an untrained singer who wants to sing with more consistency. 
Or,  a trained singer who wants to solve nagging issues like pushing or confidence.
Frustrated because you feel strained on high notes, or you don't like your tone.
 You may be aggravated that you just can't improve your singing the way you want.
You may be blaming yourself because you haven't learned to improve your singing.
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You know singing should be comfortable and free.
You'd love to find your own expressive voice with great high notes. 
You want to improve your singing so you can sing without straining or pushing, and with confidence and expression.
Most importantly, you want to be able to perform with freedom and confidence so you can heal the world with music.
Well, you've come to the right place.

High Performance Voice Training for Singers

a three-month online, blended learning program for people who want to transform their singing.

High Performance Voice Training for Singers

HPVT is the most transformative singing training program you've ever seen. 
I created it for you because you deserve world class training in an accessible, fun, challenging and transformative platform. 
World Class training for your voice, mind and body. 
HPVT is a three month intensive course designed to train your voice, mind and body so you can achieve a transformation, not just a temporary, partial "fix." 
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Hello, I'm Linda Balliro. 

I've been training singers for 20 years. I've trained nationally touring artists, young professionals, students and regular folks. The results are proven by the careers, experiences and joy my students are living because they've found their own voice.

Before teaching,  I was a road warrior as a classical singer for 13 years.

I've been fortunate to train with some of the greatest mentors of the 20th Century, and study vocal science, learning neuroscience, and work as Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston. You can find my book, "Being A Singer: the Art, Craft and Science" online or at bookstores in most countries. 


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If you have any of these problems:

  • Straining
  • Nasal Tone
  • Breathy Tone
  • Fear
  • Inability to "belt" or Mix
  • Fear
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Expression
  • Fear
  • Fear
  • Fear  (Yes, I'm repeating this over and over and over) 
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High Performance Voice Training for Singers

may be just what you need. 


How Does this Work?

“If there is one thing that neuroscience is teaching us about the human mind, it is the deep interdependence between our physiological survival mechanisms, our mental states, our embodied and emotional experiences, and our cultural creations. Balliro integrates these.”

—Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Professor of Education, Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Southern California.

High Performance Voice Training for Singers

Three Month Online, blended learning program to Transform Your Singing. 

This is a modern online, blended, learning program for singers who are ready to commit to transforming their singing once and for all. 

You won't find anything like it on youtube or in slick, cookie-cutter self study video courses and memberships.

Using time-testing voice training - the same approach thousands of singers in the music industry use - with training materials designed using the principles of learning neuroscience.

  • Fun and educational video lectures

  • audio practice routines

  • a workbook

  • quizzes and assessments

  • email coaching

  • Live, online Masterclasses.  

  • Concepts and strategies to remove blocks and limitations.

  • Exclusive, private community

  • Learn techniques for vocal styles used in pop, RnB, Rock and Musical Theater

  • Get the foundation you need if you're a classical singer

  • Get secrets to high level performing like the pros do it. 

  • Regular feedback and coaching from your personal coach, using the same state-of-the-art video platform found in major university and conservatory performing arts programs.

  • Access to a cutting-edge, neuroscience-based music training program built on over 25 of research.

The platform is a beautiful, state-of-the-art learning application used by leaders in education in Europe and the US. 

If you think this is the right fit for you, take the first step now and apply because enrollment is limited. 

When we receive your application, you'll get an email confirmation where you can sign up for an interview zoom call to talk about the program in detail, review your application and find out if this program is a good fit.

If it isn't a good fit, we'll make recommendations for next steps you can take now in your personal journey. 

The first step is to complete the online application.

When we receive your application, you’ll be assigned your own personal coach. You’ll get an email with detailed, personal feedback on your application and your coach will explain all your options.

 Enrollment is limited so apply today. 

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